We want to see God move in our community

Eagles’ Summit Church exists to share the good news of Jesus Christ and His love so every person will choose to develop a close personal relationship with Him and receive His gift of eternal life.  We provide a warm spiritual home full of love, guidance, nurturing, fellowship and service to others. Eagles’ Summit Church is where believers can grow in faith and see the supernatural power of God work in their lives as well as reach out and help others. We try to make your heart and your life better from your first visit.


Our Mission

Share & Teach God’s Word

Be Loving People

Make Disciples

Seeing You Live Close to Jesus Christ


Small Beginnings

  1. Eagles’ Summit was started in Durham, NC by our Pastors in their home in August of 1992.
  2. We exist to provide a safe and loving place for people’s lives to be made better through faith and a love relationship with Jesus Christ.
  3. Throughout all of our years, we have been blessed to see many people’s lives and families made better and we stay excited to see it happen again and again!


Sandra Lilly

Associate Pastor

Pastor Sandy serves along side her husband with a great love for people and teaching, having been a public school teacher. She is very touchable and is always thrilled to see others blessed and learning how Jesus Christ can positively change a life

James Lilly

Senior Pastor

Pastor James Lilly has a contagious spirit of love and gentleness which is evident in all the ways that he ministers to people. His teaching style is very practical and easy to understand. Through that style you get to quickly use God’s Word in your everyday life and see results. His heart is for people to experience the love and grace and power and miracles of Jesus Christ and all that He offers to the world. He is a graduate of Duke University and LaSalle College.