Eagles’ Summit is a full gospel charismatic church that preaches the word of faith and the Gospel of Jesus Christ. This ministry was founded on August 26, 1992. The first service consisted of about twenty-six believers in the home of the Pastor. In just a few months, the small congregation swiftly outgrew the family home and relocated to a larger space in the Shoppes at Lakewood in Durham, North Carolina. Though the growth of the congregation required more physical space, the vision to personally impact each member and nurture their God-given gifts, talents, and purpose has never changed and is the basis for the name of the church.


Pastor Lilly symbolically chose the name “Eagles’ Summit” for several reasons. Eagles have a number of significant distinct characteristics that depict the passionate desire that both Pastors James and Sandra Lilly have to provide spiritual guidance and nurturing to those under their leadership. While eagles clearly stand out among others in their species in their ability to fly at altitudes of 10,000 feet or more and their ability to soar for hours at a time, it is their unique style of parenting their young that vividly illustrates the Lillys style of shepherding. Pastor Lilly has the uncommon attribute of selflessly seeking opportunities to provoke others to not only reach their God given potential but to live significant Christian lives. Much like the eagles that carry their young on their backs to the feeding nest for growth, both Pastors James and Sandra Lillys’ desire is to literally carry each member through their process of spiritual growth towards Christian maturity. This unique style of leadership at such a personal level may seem strange to some, but is quite natural to the Lillys’ and is a call that they cannot lay down. Their desire is to not just preach the Word, but to facilitate positive change that brings about a greater quality of life.


Summit – the highest part, level, point or degree. Reaching your summits in life is not an event, but an ongoing process. It is the ultimate goal of Pastor Lilly to guide members through their restoration process in order to reach their personal summits. His joy is to watch his people grow beyond their summit as they obtain restoration in all aspects of their lives. This leadership style is taught to others so that as the ministry grows, those who have received restoration can in turn help others reach their summits.

Eagles Summit is a ministry of restoration with an emphasis on the family, finances, youth and leadership development. Our mission is to provide a spiritual home where believers who are hurting can receive healing, lives can be restored and rebuilt, believers can grow spiritually and become active witnesses for Christ. Whether you’re married, single, separated, divorced, young or mature, there is a place for you at Eagles’ Summit.

With an understanding that God calls people into His family with a purpose, our ministry has a strategic process for involving every member in ministry service in order to fulfill our call to carry out the Great Commission (Matthew 28:19-20) and each of our God given purposes.

Ministry Affiliation

Pastor Lilly considers it an honor and a privilege to lead God’s people and does not take this responsibility lightly. He understands that as those who follow him submit to his spiritual authority, he too must also be under spiritual authority. After intense prayer seeking direction from God and being a partner with Creflo Dollar Ministries for well over fifteen years, Pastor Lilly made the decision to submit to the spiritual authority of Dr. Dollar. In July 2002 he was inducted into the International Covenant Ministries now known as the Creflo Dollar Ministerial Association.